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Jobs in Abu Dhabi for Freshers: Entry-Level Jobs Await Fresh Graduates!

Abu Dhabi is one of the most prominent emirates in the UAE, second only to Dubai in terms of the total number of businesses operating in the country, and the diverse industry presence. As a result, compared to other emirates, Abu Dhabi generates a lot more jobs annually and is among the cities with the fastest economic growth rates worldwide. It's no surprise that Abu Dhabi has consistently been ranked by expats as one of the best global cities in the world, with some surveys even ranking it higher than Dubai.

This article will examine Abu Dhabi’s job market as it stands today, as well as the future scope for jobs in Abu Dhabi for freshers. In particular, we will discuss why Abu Dhabi can provide more employment opportunities for recent graduates seeking entry into UAE’s various industries, compared to other emirates.

Opportunities for Freshers

Abu Dhabi is rapidly becoming the most desirable location in the United Arab Emirates to find employment, even outperforming Dubai, Sharjah, and other emirates in terms of job creation. Given the ongoing expansion of Abu Dhabi's infrastructure and the efforts of foreign businesses and industries to penetrate the local market, the city is an especially favorable location for fresh graduates in search of jobs in UAE. Fresh graduates can work in a variety of entry-level roles in Abu Dhabi, including supply chain management, customer service, administration, and hospitality.

Abu Dhabi is Home to Job Fairs and Recruitment Agencies

One of the distinctive features of the Abu Dhabi job market is the city's frequent job fairs, seminars, career and recruitment events, and workshops, which provide excellent opportunities for jobs in Abu Dhabi for freshers. Most job fairs in Abu Dhabi are open to both Emirati nationals and expats who seek jobs in UAE; however, some are only for freshly graduated UAE nationals.

These seminars and job fairs are excellent opportunities for fresh graduates to hone their soft skills and learn about the various sectors and well-known companies in Abu Dhabi. They also guide how to write an effective CV, highlight your qualifications with keywords in your resume, and build an effective job portfolio for UAE careers, that will help you advance your candidature in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi is a Place of Many Cultures!

One of the appealing aspects of finding jobs in Abu Dhabi is that the city is home to expats from all over the world, making it a multicultural employment hub in the Middle East. As a result, there are numerous opportunities for freshers to network with other professionals, both senior professionals and other recent graduates looking for jobs in the Emirate. Expatriates consistently rank Abu Dhabi as one of the top cities in the world to reside in. This is likely due to the absence of income tax in the UAE and the city's status as one of the world's emerging consumer hubs. So, Abu Dhabi is a good choice for recent graduates who want to relocate to the city to look for suitable employment and settle down there.

Companies Prefer Fresh Graduates

Since the pandemic, there has been an increasing trend in some industries and sectors, like IT, to prioritize hiring recent graduates over experienced candidates. This can be attributed to several factors, such as better employee retention tactics, early talent acquisition and training to work on specific business models, comparatively lower starting salaries, etc. Recent trends also suggest that employers are more interested in hiring candidates for tech jobs in UAE who possess a strong set of transferable soft skills than hard skills like software proficiency or specific technical expertise.

With thousands of small and medium-sized businesses based in Abu Dhabi, there are plenty of job vacancies in Abu Dhabi for recent graduates. What employers want to see in candidates is a willingness to pick things up quickly, adapt, and become long-term employees of the company. In the end, all of these elements might increase the likelihood that fresh graduates will be employed by Abu Dhabi businesses.


Finally, freshers can do a few things to improve their chances of being hired by Abu Dhabi companies. One of the best places to start is with your CV! Polish it with relevant information, fix any mistakes, and update it with your key skills, academic and extracurricular achievements. Other things you can do to improve your chances of getting hired include visiting Abu Dhabi early in the year when businesses are at their peak, participating in as many mock interviews as possible to make yourself presentable to employers, and so on.

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