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8 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Professional CVs

A strong CV can greatly boost your chances of getting your dream jobs in UAE as it can be the first impression you provide to potential employers. However, there are several common CV mistakes that job seekers usually make, which can hinder their job search. In this article, we will look at eight common CV mistakes and how to avoid them to improve job opportunities in the UAE.

Irrelevant Personal Information

Mistake: Adding unnecessary or irrelevant information, such as your passport number, marital status, or date of birth on your CV will not assist you in your job hunt; on the contrary, it can take up valuable space. 

Solution: Stick to essential personal details, such as your full name, contact information (phone number, and email address), and location. When applying for jobs in UAE, it is suggested to put a professional-looking passport-size photo on your CV. 

Poor CV Format

Mistake: A poorly formatted CV can make it difficult for employers to read and understand the information on a CV. Recruiters usually spend only 10 to 15 seconds reviewing a CV, and a subpar format doesn't create a positive impression. Moreover, many companies now utilize Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for CV screening which automatically extract information from resumes and assist in various recruitment processes. If your CV is not properly formatted, the ATS may struggle to interpret its content accurately.

Solution: Pick a neat, and professional template that effectively organizes your data. To create a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate CV, use headers, bullet points, and readable fonts.

Skipping Important Information

Mistake: Your CV should be more informative about your skills, work experience, and education, as an insufficiently detailed CV can leave employers confused about your qualifications and suitability for the job.

Solution: Ensure your CV includes all relevant sections, including the summary or objective statement, work experience, education, skills, and certifications. Make sure you haven't omitted any essential information that could help employers better understand your qualifications and suitability for the job.

A Long or Short CV

Mistake: Recruiters just have a few seconds to review each CV, so it might be challenging if yours is too long. Many individuals make this common mistake of including irrelevant information and creating long CVs, which makes the CV unprofessional. Too short CVs, on the other hand, create their own set of challenges. Without sufficient content, you may miss the opportunity to showcase achievements, skills, or experiences.

Solution: It's important to find a balance by making professional CVs that are just the right length and include the important things such as skills, qualifications and experiences, to impress potential employers. Aim for a brief, one to two-page CV that focuses on quality over quantity.


Mistake: Exaggerating the qualifications or providing false information on your CV never helps you on your career journey; in fact, it could harm your professional reputation. Employees in UAE usually conduct background checks to verify the qualifications, salaries, job titles, and achievements like serious details about the candidate. So, lying is not an acceptable approach to getting jobs in UAE.

Solution: Always be truthful on your CV. Highlight your genuine skills and experiences, and be prepared to explain them in detail during interviews.

Grammatical, and Spelling Mistakes

Mistake: Grammatical and spelling mistakes on your resume are significant factors that can leave a negative impression on employers. Such errors not only reflect your level of commitment to the specific job but also highlight a lack of communication skills, which are crucial in the workplace. It may put doubt on your professionalism or ability for error-free work and your overall suitability for the job. 

Solution: It's important to carefully review your resume to prevent spelling and grammar errors. You can proofread your CV using any spell and grammar checker, or have someone else look it through to identify any mistakes you might have missed. Having a neat, error-free CV shows your commitment to presenting yourself professionally to potential employers.

Unexplained Employment Gaps

Mistake: Many individuals experience employment gaps in their career journey, and these gaps can arise due to various reasons such as personal commitments, pursuing further education, health reasons, or job hunting gap. While employment gaps are common and often justifiable, unexplained gaps on your resume can potentially raise concerns among employers. Many applicants ignore the need to explain employment gaps on professional CVs, which may cause employers to question the reasons for these gaps and may even create doubts about the reliability or commitment.

Solution: Employers value candidates who are frank and transparent about their career journey. You can briefly explain employment gaps on your resume positively to make employers understand the factors that led to those gaps and how you utilize that time for personal or professional development.

Meaningless Objective Statement

Mistake: Many candidates believe that including an objective statement such as "Smart, enthusiastic, motivated, and forward-thinking professional with a proven track record in leadership and team management, eager to leverage my experience for impactful contributions in the dynamic landscape of the XYZ industry.....blah blah blah" will leave a positive impression on employers. 

Employers already expect candidates to possess these qualities, so stating them may not provide much additional value or insight into your qualifications. In addition, doing so could waste valuable space on your resume without adding significant value or insight.

Solution: It's important to understand that employers expect your specific qualifications, rather than using broad terms. A professional summary is better than an objective statement as it gives more valuable information. Instead of emphasizing attractive terms like "Smart," "enthusiastic," "motivated," or "forward-thinking," you can opt to include a professional summary that emphasizes providing a concise overview of your qualifications, highlighting your relevant skills, achievements, and career goals.


Avoiding these typical mistakes will help you make professional CVs that rightly highlight your skills, qualifications, achievements, and experiences, and stand out to potential employers in the tough UAE job market.

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