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Job Search and AI Resume Screening - What You Need to Know

Why is a good CV important? The competition in the job market in UAE is rising day by day and employers receive a sea of resumes from job seekers, so they use artificial intelligence (AI) software to quickly go through them and shortlist the best candidates. It scans CVs and looks for job related keywords, relevant work experience, education, and skills. 

This means it's really important to create a good CV that will pass the AI screening, catch the attention of human recruiters, and help you get your dream job in the UAE.

Here are some tips on how to create a perfect CV in the age of AI Resume Screening.

CV Formatting

Keep our CV short and in an easy to read format when applying for jobs in UAE. Long paragraphs can be overwhelming for both AI screening software and human recruiters. Instead of lengthy paragraphs, use bullet points to present information in a clear and concise manner. This helps recruiters quickly scan your CV and grasp the key points. Focus on providing relevant highlights rather than exhaustive details. While it's important to showcase your skills and experiences, be mindful of overwhelming each section with too much detail. Prioritize the most impactful and relevant information. 

It is advisable to limit your resume to two pages. Two pages are enough for junior and intermediate roles to highlight your qualifications and experiences without overwhelming the reader. Focus on providing relevant information that aligns with the job requirements. If you have extensive experience that is necessary to showcase, it is acceptable to extend onto an additional page.

Choose the Right File Type

It is important to choose the right file type while submitting your CV. Opting for a PDF file format is often the preferred choice for several reasons. With PDF files, AI tools can easily read and process your resume perfectly, and designs, and formatting will be better with a PDF. So, you can create your CV using any professional templates and designs, and then save it in a PDF format. 

Even though PDF is generally considered the optimal file type for CVs, it is important to follow any specific instructions given by the employer or job application platform. Some employers may request alternative file types, such as Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx). In such cases, ensure that your CV is saved in the appropriate format to meet their requirements.

Focus on Keywords and Phrases

Customize your CVs to contain relevant keywords and phrases that match the job description in order to capture your resume and maximize your prospects. 

Carefully study the job description to identify the specific skills, qualifications, and attributes that employers are seeking. Make a note of the keywords and phrases that frequently appear throughout the description. Integrate these identified keywords and phrases naturally into your CV, specifically in sections such as the summary, skills, and experience. This strategic approach increases the visibility of your CV to both automated applicant tracking systems and human recruiters, maximizing your chances of being shortlisted for job opportunities in the UAE. 

It is also important to incorporate relevant keywords and ensure that your CV remains authentic and reflects your true abilities and experiences. Avoid keyword stuffing or including unrelated information. Keep the content clear, concise, and easy to read.

CV Font Style and Size

When preparing your CV for jobs in Dubai, it is essential to consider the font style and size. Experts recommend keeping the font style of your CV clear and simple to ensure readability by both AI software and human recruiters. Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri are usually great choices because they are extremely easy to read. And, the font size is recommended to be 10 - 12 points. Consistency in font style and size throughout your CV is important for a professional and organized appearance. By following these guidelines, you can enhance the overall readability of your CV, making it easily scannable by AI software and accessible to human reviewers.

Now, take the next step, following these tips, create your CV, and start on the journey to land your dream job in the UAE.

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