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HR Jobs in Dubai - Common Interview Questions and Expert Answers

Human Resources Management is an excellent career choice for individuals who enjoy working with recruitment, employee management, and other organizational responsibilities. Many options are available for those who are looking for HR jobs in Dubai such as HR Generalist, HR Manager, HR Business Partner, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Compensation and Benefits Analyst, Training and Development Specialist, Employee Relations Specialist, and HRIS Administrator.

Whether you're just starting your HR journey or looking for jobs in Dubai to advance in your HR career, excelling in interviews is the first step to securing a position in your dream organization. It's important to understand the common interview questions that arise when pursuing HR jobs.

Here are some of the commonly asked HR job related questions and expert answers to assist you in preparing for your next interview. 


Note: The questions can be raised differently, and the given sample answers are only a guide; you can modify them in accordance with your unique situation and the specific questions.

Question 1: Tell me about yourself 

How to Answer: The main purpose of this question is to evaluate how well the candidate can communicate and how interested they are in their profession. Mostly, this question is asked at the beginning of an interview for HR jobs in Dubai and how you answer this can create a favourable first impression, probably the best impression. So, it's important to prepare for a self introduction before entering an interview by sketching the main points you want to cover in your response. One more time, make sure you are prepared.

Sample Answer: Hello, I'm [your name]. I currently work as an [profession] at [company name] and have been in the industry for [year of experience]. I hold a [qualification] with a specialization in [specialization]. Throughout my career, I developed my communication abilities and acquired a genuine interest in [specific domain].


In my previous role at [Company Name], I had the opportunity to [mention key responsibilities or achievements that showcase your skills]. This experience allowed me to further enhance my ability to effectively collaborate with team members, improve my problem solving skill and adapt to dynamic work environments.


Also, I am an enthusiastic learner who actively seeks professional development opportunities. So, I usually attend [relevant courses/workshops/conferences] to stay updated with industry trends and emerging best practices. I believe in the importance of personal growth and aim to bring new ideas to my work.


In my personal time, I enjoy [mention your relevant hobbies/interests]. 


I am excited about this opportunity to contribute my skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to [Company Name]. My dedication, adaptability, and strong communication abilities will definitely enable me to make a valuable contribution to the team and help drive the company's success.

Question 2: What inspires you to pursue a career in Human Resources?

How to Answer: Express your personal motivations, passions, and experiences to the interviewer while answering this question. This is another commonly asked question during the interview for jobs in UAE to evaluate your personality and interest in the HR profession. Be confident and give logical and positive answers by sharing any inspiring stories from your life that have led you to choose this profession. By showing your genuine enthusiasm and relating your experiences, you can effectively convey your strong interest in pursuing a career in Human Resources.


Sample Answer: I am inspired to pursue a profession in Human Resources because of my genuine passion for working with people and helping them succeed professionally. Creating a positive and energetic work environment where employees can grow and reach their full potential brings me immense fulfillment.


Moreover, the opportunity to conduct interviews, the dynamic nature of the work, continuous learning opportunities, and the potential to contribute to the success of an organization all fuel my desire to work in Human Resources. I'm so satisfied with the opportunity to contribute to the well-being and job satisfaction of individuals within the organizations I serve.

Question 3: Why did you apply for this position?

How to Answer: Be confident and give logical and positive answers by sharing any inspiring stories from your life that have led you to choose this profession. Prepare your answer by researching thoroughly the company's strengths and connecting them with your skills and passions, and convey your strong interest in applying for the position in the specific company. 


Sample Answer: First and foremost, I applied for this position because I strongly believe that my background and qualifications make me a strong fit for the position. After thoroughly researching the company and learning about the supportive positive work culture, I'm truly pleased about the opportunity to contribute my expertise here. Also, I am enthusiastic about joining a team where I can further develop my professional skills while making meaningful contributions to the company's overall success.

Question 4: What is the reason for this work gap on your resume?

How to Answer: It is possible to respond positively to this question during an interview without costing your chances of getting your dream HR job in Dubai. It's common for people to experience employment gaps, but how you handle it positively is crucial because companies need to be selective when hiring. They often ask this question to ensure they make a wise choice and avoid any potential risks. Keep in mind that many companies conduct background checks and verify work history, so it's not advisable to hide employment gaps by providing false information on your resume. 


When you highlight your accomplishments like side projects, completed degrees or courses, and skills acquired, it shows that you stayed active and engaged even if you weren't employed. Also, reasons such as company downsizing, health reasons, family commitments, caring for a sick loved one, and long travel are all reasonable explanations for employment gaps. Remember to give reasonable explanations while highlighting any relevant activities or skills you acquired during the work gap. 


Sample Answer: During the work gap on my resume, I focused on personal growth and prepared to contribute successfully to my future roles. So, I attended online courses and attended workshops to further enhance my expertise in [mention specific skills or areas]. Also, I engaged in self-study and conducted independent research to stay updated with industry trends and advancements.

Question 5: Tell me about your previous work experience

How to Answer: Structure your response to this question in line with the job requirements. Make sure to highlight your specific responsibilities and duties and how they connect to the HR job you're looking for. Avoid going into extreme detail, and instead, focus on highlighting the skills you developed and the contributions you made to the success of your teams or organizations. And don't bad mouth your previous company, it is important to maintain a positive and professional tone throughout your response and focus on the most relevant aspects of your work experience. Before going to an interview, practice and prepare to answer the question with great focus. 


Sample Answer: I was an HR Manager at [company name] previously, where I was in charge of many human resources activities and duties. I successfully managed employee recruitment, onboarding, and training processes, ensuring the acquisition and retention of top talent. Also, I implemented effective performance management systems and encouraged employee development programs. I acquired strong leadership, problem-solving, and interpersonal abilities there, which I feel are well suited to the demands of this position. 

Question 6: Why are you leaving your current job?

How to Answer: Keep a positive and professional attitude when explaining your choice of leaving a job by providing a genuine and convincing explanation. It's important to point out your positive relationship with your current employer and your dedication to a smooth transfer. Express your interest in the current job and the opportunities it has given you. Clearly explain the reasons for why you are looking for new opportunities of HR jobs in Dubai, you can include factors like career growth, professional development, or finding a position that better satisfies your interests and skills.


How to Answer: I believe it's time to take on new challenges and opportunities. I am grateful for the opportunities and valuable experiences my current company has given me. I am now seeking fresh opportunities that connect more closely with my long-term career goals. 

Question 7: What were the most difficult challenges you experienced in your previous companies?

How to Answer: Discuss the difficulties you encountered and your experience in overcoming them. Give a powerful and confident answer to this question by concentrating on your problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and ability to learn and develop from challenging experiences.


Sample Answer: One of the most difficult challenges I experienced in my previous companies was managing a high workload with tight deadlines. I was the HR Manager in my previous organization and balancing multiple projects and prioritizing tasks was demanding, but I developed effective time management strategies and collaborated with my team to ensure the timely completion of deliverables. This experience allowed me to improve my skills to handle pressure, which resulted in successful outcomes and personal growth.

Question 8: Can you explain your approach to talent acquisition and retention?

How to Answer: Start by explaining general things about talent acquisition and retention and highlight the importance of these practices for the overall growth of an organization. Discuss your approach to talent acquisition, including how you identify the right candidates, attract them to the organization, and ensure a smooth onboarding experience. Highlight your strategies for talent retention, such as creating a positive work environment, offering growth and development opportunities, and implementing effective performance management systems. You can also give specific examples or achievements from your past experiences from an HR job in Dubai and show how successful you are at attracting and retaining talent.


Sample Answer: Both talent acquisition and retention are key elements of the growth of an organization. I always prioritize creating a strong employer brand and hiring individuals who are truly passionate about their roles. I create an initial plan for candidate sourcing, lead nurturing, selection, interviewing, and onboarding, based on the specific job requirements. To retain talent, I developed a supportive work environment, offered growth opportunities, and introduced excellent performance management systems in my previous company which had a significant positive impact on both productivity and talent retention. 

Question 9: How do you attract and select top talent for the organization?

How to Answer: When answering this question, as an HR professional, it's important to provide unique solutions and draw from your experience in implementing effective strategies for attracting and selecting top candidates, such as conducting thorough assessments, behavioral and competency-based interviews, and evaluating cultural fit. Here you can highlight any specific achievements or successes in attracting and selecting top talent from your past experiences. 


Sample Answer: To find top talent for the organization, I rely on different job portals in UAE, trusted referrals, job fairs, niche-specific groups, and other different approaches to collect top candidate profiles based on the requirement. Once I have collected these profiles, I prioritize conducting thorough assessments to ensure a deep understanding of a candidate's qualifications, skills, and experiences. I also evaluate their potential for excelling in the role, organization's values, and vision through multiple rounds of interviews. In my years of experience as a human resource professional, I understand that many top candidates value flexible working hours and a respectful and trusting work environment, so I take their working preferences into consideration and also offer competitive packages based on their skills and experience. I’ll convey to them the opportunities for learning, professional development, and other benefits that come with being part of our organization. By implementing these strategies, I have successfully hired many highly skilled employees who stay with us for the long term and contribute to our success.

Question 10: How do you handle conducting HR investigations?

How to Answer: When answering this mostly asked question from the interviews of HR jobs in UAE, start by mentioning the significance of being professional and fair in these investigations, without compromising on equity and justice. Explain your approach to gathering relevant information through interviews, documentation review, and policy examination. Stress the need to keep everything confidential during the investigation and your ability to handle sensitive information carefully. Discuss how you draw conclusions and work together with management to decide on appropriate actions or measures if there are policy violations or misconduct. Conclude by highlighting your dedication to creating a positive work environment through your approach to HR investigations.


Sample Answer:  Being a Human Resource professional, I understand the significance of being professional and fair in handling HR investigations and creating a positive work environment. I always start by gathering all the information needed in order to understand the issue and situation. I'm always clear about maintaining strict confidentiality in handling sensitive details with discretion, sharing them only with those directly involved. Throughout the investigation, I stay impartial, focusing on gathering facts and evidence. I create a structured plan to ensure that all required actions are followed. After completing the investigation, I analyze the information and draw conclusions only based on the evidence. If policy violations or misconduct are found, I collaborate with management to take appropriate actions or measures. Throughout the process, I prioritize clear communication and timely updates to all involved parties and take their concerns seriously. 

Question 11: Have you implemented any employee engagement initiatives in your previous company?

How to Answer: Keep your response short, clear, and relevant. You can give a strong and impactful answer to the question by highlighting your expertise, and achievements, and showing your excitement for employee engagement.


Sample Answer: Yes, during my time at my previous company, I actively implemented employee engagement initiatives to promote a positive and motivated work environment. One initiative I introduced was regular employee recognition programs, both individual and team recognition by conducting monthly awards and appreciation events. I implemented regular feedback sessions where employees could openly express their opinions, suggestions, and concerns. This encouraged a culture of trust where employees feel valued and heard. I initiated comprehensive training and development programs to support employees' professional growth and development. This included identifying individual training needs, providing relevant learning opportunities, and offering mentorship programs. By investing in their growth, employees felt supported and motivated to excel in their roles.

Question 12: How do you handle performance management and employee development?

How to Answer: Speak confidently and provide specific examples from your past experiences working in any HR jobs in Dubai while answering this question. By highlighting your proactive approach, effective communication, coaching skills, individualized development plans, performance evaluations, and plans for organizational goals, you can provide a comprehensive and compelling answer to this question.


Sample Answer: I set clear performance expectations and goals for each employee in accordance with organizational goals. I support regular feedback and ongoing coaching sessions that enable open communication and solutions to any performance challenges. Also, I conduct performance evaluations on a regular basis and assess strengths and areas for development. This helps me to provide suitable training and development opportunities to each employee's needs. By offering proper direction, support, and resources, I aim to empower them to develop their skills and reach their full potential.



The competitive nature in the field of HR jobs in Dubai conveys the importance of a thorough and well adjusted interview preparation. It's not just about getting ready for a planned interview; it's also about being prepared for an unexpected walk in interview in Dubai. When you're well-prepared, you can win these unexpected opportunities with confidence. You'll be able to effectively prove your expertise, skills, and suitability for the role by responding intelligently to the interview questions. So, whether it's a scheduled interview or a sudden walk-in, being thoroughly prepared can be your key to success. 

It's a necessary step to expand your understanding and put together ideas regarding Dubai's unique business environment, cultural diversity, and labour laws. Highlight your experience and expertise in managing talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management, and HR analytics to have a competitive edge. It is important to be confident, to maintain professionalism, and carefully understand the question in order to give a well-thought-out response. By putting the necessary pieces together in your efforts for the interview, you can significantly increase the chances of securing an HR profession in Dubai.

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