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8 Tips to Win Any Walk in Interview in Dubai

Despite the recent popularity of virtual or online interviews in the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic, walk in interview in Dubai remains the most common type of candidate screening process conducted by companies. There are several reasons why walk in interviews are considered a golden standard in the candidate screening and selection process.

Primarily, a lot of candidates with diverse skills and experience could appear for the selection process at the designated venue, which is an advantage to both the employer and the candidate. The employer can potentially cut down resources that must otherwise be allotted to a predefined one-on-one interview for jobs in Dubai, and the candidate gets a better chance to display his/her skills simply by walking in without a prior appointment.

Moreover, direct interviewer-candidate interaction during the walkin interview session will help the interviewer to assess the candidate in the shortlisting process by way of how the candidate responds to the questions verbally, and their body language and nonverbal cues, which sometimes can be missed in virtual interviews.

However, precisely because there’s a pool of talent that needs to be assessed by the interviewer in a relatively short period, the process can be challenging for both the employer and the candidate. Here in this article, we will guide you through 8 essential tips to win any walk in interview in Dubai for freshers and experienced candidates alike.

1.    Prepare thoroughly.

The most obvious and necessary tip is, of course, to prepare thoroughly before attending walk in interviews in Dubai. Dubai is not in shortage of talent or experience, and so, thorough preparation is the key to cracking the shortlisting process. Fine tune your skills, prepare overnight and get informed about any additional areas you might need to familiarize yourself with before attending the interview. Once you are reasonably prepared for the interview, no matter whether it is for sales jobs in Dubai or banking jobs or any other jobs, the major part of your work is done.

2.    Be informed about the company.

Being informed about the company, such as its various products and services, departments, affiliated firms etc. is very important. This shows to the employer that you are serious about your candidature. Moreover, you can try to make a strong presentation of your skills and experience, particularly how they could be beneficial for the company. In the worst-case scenario, being uninformed about the company could sometimes harm your chances of being selected.

3.    Keep your CV updated and relevant to the industry.

Updating your CV with any recent skills or certifications relevant to your career or industry can be helpful in attracting the employer’s attention. Moreover, if you’re able to work in a different capacity demanded by the employer than your current job role does, slightly modify your resume to make it relevant to the position called for.

4.    Dress formally and appropriately.

It is mostly a prerequisite to dress appropriately and formally for a walk-in interview. Many candidates make a mistake by dressing casually for the interview occasion, and though sometimes this may not be an issue, for job interviews in Dubai, it is almost always preferable to dress formally to make a favorable impression on the interviewer.

5.    Be ready to take challenging inquiries from the interviewer.

Remember, the purpose of an interview is not to make a candidate reveal their weaknesses (or strengths), rather what the interviewer is essentially looking for is whether the candidate can handle the specified work and if they can take up new challenges at work. Hence, be ready to entertain and accept new work responsibilities and roles which may sometimes be slightly different from your current job responsibilities.

For example, if you are looking for accountant jobs in Dubai and the employer is asking you to work on a different accounting software than the one you are used to, show them that you are ready for it.

6.    Make it a two-way conversation.

Normally, candidates who appear for interviews expect the interviewers to ask them questions, and likewise they assume a role of simply answering the questions. But an interview is not an interrogation, and ideally the candidates are also expected to ask the interviewers questions, that is, engage in a two-way communication. This will make a good impression on the interviewer and improve your chances of getting through the interview.

7.    Have a pleasant and active demeanor at the interview.

Presenting yourself in a pleasant and cheerful manner to the interviewer has its obvious benefits. Apart from the positive feelings it can impart to the interview occasion, it can convey to the interviewer that you can handle stress and is generally a person with a positive attitude at work.

8.    Finally, be there on time!

Last, but not least, be at the interview venue on time, as it can help you relax a bit before attending the interview. This can enable the candidate to acclimatize with the interview process and sometimes get acquainted with other candidates. More importantly, if you get to the interview early, fewer candidates may be present, and the environment may be fresh and energetic.

Follow these tips, and you can ensure that you can comfortably get through your walk-in interview without much hassle. It is quite OK to feel a bit nervous while attending the interview; a little stress can even make you focused while answering the questions. Also, you might be asked a few personal questions, and this is quite normal for an interview. Some candidates might feel a bit embarrassed at this, but it is important to handle these questions with discretion and care.

Finally, leave your interview session by thanking your interviewer, and make sure to follow up about the status of your interview within a week or so.

We hope you follow these tips and attend a walk in interview in Dubai today, and achieve your dream job!

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