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Teaching Jobs in Dubai - Know the Opportunities, Salary and Benefits

Traditionally, career opportunities in the UAE were centered on industries such as construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, retail, healthcare, transport, etc. However, in the last decade, the job market in the UAE has undergone a significant shift, and vacancies in sectors such as IT and teaching are in high demand. So, if you are a schoolteacher or a lecturer, highly rewarding teaching jobs in Dubai await you.

Dubai and UAE as a whole have many international schools and there’s a shortage of qualified teachers and faculty for various subjects such as sciences, arts, languages, etc. 

If you are an expat who recently arrived in Dubai or planning to arrive in UAE to look for teaching vacancies in Dubai, this article may help you through your job search.

Types of Teaching Opportunities in Dubai

Dubai offers a wide range of teaching positions including public and private school teacher jobs, language teachers for foreign languages, math, science, Arabic studies, etc. Though assistant professors and university faculties are in demand, school teachers and teaching assistant jobs in Dubai are also having most reported vacancies.

There are a few steps you should take before starting to look and apply for teaching jobs in Dubai. You should have completed your four-year degree or master's from a recognized university, and your certificate should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also by your country’s embassy. Once you have these qualifications, you need to clear a professional license test conducted by the UAE government. Tests will be conducted for different categories, and once you pass the test, you will receive a teacher’s license, so that you can work legally in the UAE.

Expats wishing to be employed in teaching positions in Dubai in public or private schools should necessarily hold a teacher’s license. In case you fail on the first attempt, you will have two more chances to take the test. 

Schools and Curriculum in Dubai

Depending on the type of school and the curriculum, such as the British or American curriculum, schools may prefer to hire teaching candidates for jobs in Dubai from particular nationalities. Also, you might need to take additional certifications to teach in these schools.

English teachers wanted in Dubai should ideally possess certifications such as TOEFL, CELTA, etc., especially if they are looking forward to joining a British school. Private tutors are also in demand in Dubai, as many families, both natives and expatriates, prefer to give their kids private tuition for ESL, math, etc., at home.

It is good practice to apply to different schools such as British, American, Indian, etc., so that there’s a greater chance that one or more schools may call you in for an interview. Also, it’s important to customize your CV and cover letter to address the requirements of the particular teaching job vacancies in Dubai you are applying for.

Perks and Benefits of Teaching Careers in Dubai

Teaching opportunities have seen a tremendous rise in Dubai and the rest of the UAE in the past few years. Attractive salary packages and other benefits such as accommodation, transportation, high social status, and job satisfaction are compelling factors that drive aspirants to seek teaching job opportunities in Dubai.

Salaries for school teachers can range anywhere from 10,000 AED to 15,000 AED per month depending on their qualifications, training, and experience. Apart from the salary, they may also be offered free accommodation, transportation, healthcare insurance, and other bonuses.

They could also be provided with free yearly air tickets to their home country and back to Dubai. Also, if you work as a full time teacher in Dubai, you will be eligible for gratuity and end-of-term benefits.

Teaching Assistant Jobs in Dubai

Apart from the teaching jobs in Dubai, there are also other teaching and academia-related job positions available in Dubai, such as the teacher’s assistant. To apply for an assistant teacher vacancy in Dubai, the candidate might not require teaching experience but should preferably have worked as a teacher’s assistant for a few years.

The general job nature and duties of a teaching assistant are to help and support both teachers and students in academia-related matters. Although freshers and those who have experience in other administrative roles could also apply for teacher’s assistant jobs in Dubi, it is preferable that you have an academia-related background.

There are many great job vacancies in UAE for teachers, and 1000+ vacancies are available in Dubai for qualified teachers. To find teaching vacancies in Dubai, you can register your profile with job portals such as Talentmate.com or attend job fairs conducted by organizations in Dubai.

Another effective method is to contact the schools in Dubai directly, and manually apply for the vacancies. Also, before applying for a vacancy in Dubai schools, please make sure to do your research about the schools; the type of curriculum they follow, whether they have proper approvals and accreditations from Dubai Authorities, etc.

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