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5 Reasons Why Job Search in Sharjah is an Ideal Option

Sharjah is one of the best cities in the Emirates in terms of the presence of large and diverse industries, revenue generation, GDP, and consequently, the job market. Based on the current trend in the city's infrastructure development, it may even surpass other emirates in terms of employment opportunities in the near future.

There are a number of reasons why Sharjah is becoming the most important economic hub in the UAE and why job opportunities are expected to be abundant in the city over the next few years. This article will attempt to explain why a job search in Sharjah is an ideal option at present.

Sharjah’s diversified economy

Sharjah is one of the Emirates with a diverse range of industries that contribute to its local economy. Over the past several decades, Sharjah has seen the emergence and growth of industries such as tourism, information technology, export and import, manufacturing, and so on, in addition to traditional industries such as oil and gas and construction.

Businesses, both Emirati and foreign, have been considering investments in Sharjah more frequently recently, and the Sharjah government is actively supporting these ventures. Manufacturing, trade, tourism, and education all contribute significantly to Sharjah's GDP, so jobs in these sectors are plentiful, and a job search in Sharjah may turn out to be beneficial.

Sharjah Government’s efforts to promote the job market

Several initiatives have been put in place by the Sharjah government and other governmental organizations in the emirate to encourage investment and entrepreneurship in Sharjah. For the most part of the previous 20 years, for instance, small and mid-sized businesses have routinely received support from organizations such as the "Sharjah Foundation to Support Pioneering Entrepreneurs (RUWAD)". The government had also experimented with a “4-day work” week scheme, which is reported to have increased productivity in the Emirate.

Other such initiatives include those by the ‘Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry”, “Tijarah 101 Center” which helps provide commercial spaces to small and midsized businesses, the “Sharjah Exports Development Center” which seeks to promote domestic exports, the “Sharjah Excellence Award” to encourage and promote achievements in businesses, etc.

Frequent expos and exhibitions in Sharjah

Career expos and job fairs are frequently held in Sharjah in order to expand the job market and enable companies in the city to hire qualified and skilled candidates to fill the various job vacancies in the city's diverse industries.

Recently the 25th National Career Exhibition was conducted in Sharjah, which is an initiative by the UAE government to improve the chances of the Emirati youth getting hired in the companies within Sharjah and the rest of the UAE.

Additionally, a number of private organizations regularly host job fairs and exhibitions in Sharjah so that job seekers can find suitable employment opportunities. Therefore, attending these job fairs and expos may increase your chances of landing suitable jobs in Sharjah.

Presence of recruitment agencies and job portals

There are numerous recruitment agencies and manpower consultants in Sharjah who will assist you in finding your ideal job. In addition to these agencies, Sharjah is home to a large number of online recruitment platforms and job portals. Talentmate.com is one such job portal that lists a large number of openings in Sharjah, spanning numerous industries and fields.

Signing up for Talentmate is quick, easy, and completely free. After creating a profile on Talentmate, you have the option of either manually searching for and applying to jobs in Sharjah or receiving weekly notifications for your preferred job based on the preferences you specify in your profile.

Encouragement of foreign labor market

Sharjah's government still actively promotes the use of foreign labor within the city, despite the ongoing Emiratization of the job market across the entire UAE. Sharjah and the nearby emirates are experiencing a severe shortage of both skilled and unskilled workers, providing excellent job prospects for qualified foreign nationals.

To summarize, the UAE has many job opportunities for both expats and nationals across a wide range of industries and job roles. If you plan to visit the UAE in search of work, Sharjah in particular may be an ideal destination for you. As we discussed in this article, Sharjah’s industry is vast and diverse and has favorable conditions for expats to find suitable careers. Moreover, job competition and job search in Sharjah may be less intense than in other emirates such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi. These are just a few of the compelling reasons why you should start looking for a job in Sharjah right now.

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