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Driver Jobs in Dubai - How to Find Vacancies and More

Dubai is a busy metropolis with millions of expats going around their business every day. Unsurprisingly, heavy traffic is a common thing in Dubai. The roads of Dubai stand testament to the presence of huge volumes of automobiles in Dubai, and as ever, demand for driver jobs in Dubai is on the rise.

Working as a driver in Dubai is a good option for those who have an aptitude for driving and working out in the field. Apart from aptitude and skill, those who wish to work as drivers in Dubai should be in good physical health and have normal vision.

However, to work as a driver in Dubai, you need to have certain qualifications which are mandatory in UAE and decent work experience. You must be legally allowed to work in Dubai as a driver. For example, running a private taxi is illegal in Dubai, and if you are found running a private taxi, you will attract heavy fines from the authorities.

Here in this article, we will guide you through various aspects related to working legally as a driver in Dubai.

Different Types of Driver Requirements in Dubai

You can take up different driver jobs in Dubai such as family or home driver, taxi driver, company driver, school bus driver, public transport bus driver, heavy vehicle driver, etc. Dubai also has a network of buses run by the Roads and Transports Authority (RTA), and you must obtain a heavy driver license and permit to work from Dubai RTA.

The nature of duty for each role will be slightly different, and the working hours also will vary according to the type of job. Sometimes drivers may have to work in shifts, especially if they are working via taxi services such as Dubai Taxi, Careem, etc. Vacancies for driver positions may be listed in various online portals for jobs in Dubai and in newspaper publications such as Gulf News, Khaleej Times, etc.

Read on to know the different kinds of driver jobs, types of driving licenses, and procedure to get the licenses for working in different transport sectors in Dubai.

House Driver Jobs in Dubai

For applying towards a home driver job Dubai vacancy, a light motor vehicle driving license is required, which makes you qualified to legally drive vehicles such as cars, vans, etc. The purpose of a home or house driver is to work as a personal driver or sometimes as a chaperone for families, drive family members to workplaces, children to schools, etc.

To obtain a light motor vehicle driving license, you must be at least 18 years old, and pass the driving license test from a govt. approved driving school in Dubai. The increasing number of house driver vacancy Dubai has been offering lately shows that there’s a huge scope for home drivers in Dubai.

Dubai Taxi Driver Jobs

Taxi drivers are in high demand in Dubai, and taking up a taxi driver job in Dubai can help you earn a comparatively decent income. Drivers can earn anywhere from AED 3000 to 6000, depending on their experience and working hours. Obtaining a permit from the RTA Dubai is essential to pursue a career as taxi driver in Dubai.

After getting the permit, the applicants could register in RTA approved third party platforms for Dubai taxi careers such as Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), a subsidiary of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Uber, Careem, etc.

The Dubai taxi vacancy applicants must also be able to communicate reasonably in English, as most of the passengers may be expatriates rather than natives.

Bus Driver Jobs in Dubai

Public transport in the form of both light and heavy buses is common in Dubai and other emirates of UAE. If you are looking for a light category bus driver vacancy in Dubai, you need to be at least of age 21 and should possess a category 5 driving license.

In case if you want a heavy bus driver work in Dubai, then you need to obtain category 6 heavy driver license. Both categories of bus driver jobs require additional training from driving schools, however, heavy vehicle drivers need much more driving experience than what is required for light vehicles.

Whether you are looking for an RTA public bus driver job or school bus driver job in Dubai, having a clear idea and understanding of UAE traffic laws, road rules and regulations, knowing about the safe and secure driving practices to follow etc., is a must to be successful.

Heavy Machinery and Construction Drivers

For heavy machinery lifting such as forklifting which is employed in construction sites, warehouses, etc., a forklift license is required. Category 7 license is required for light forklift and category 8 license is needed for heavy forklift. Both categories require the candidate to pass a written exam and demonstrate driving skills.

For applying to the job vacancies in UAE for heavy forklift drivers, the driver, in addition to possessing a category 8 driving license, should also possess sufficient experience of operating a light forklift.


To conclude, there’s a wide variety of driver careers Dubai offers to job seekers based on their driving experience and the type of license they possess. Based on your experience and preference, you could choose to apply for a suitable driving license to work in any of the categories, including family drivers, taxi drivers, bus drivers, etc.

If you wish to work as a taxi driver in Dubai, please make sure that you are familiar with the mobile applications of Uber, Careem, etc. Also, please ensure that you have a good understanding of all the traffic rules and regulations in Dubai.

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